S hundrawn Thomas is emerging as a leader for his generation. Rdiculous Faith demonstrates exactly how he is doing it by employing ridiculous faith himself in his daily walk. This book is both an easy read as well as thought provoking and challenging you will find as I did many areas where God is calling you to have more faith to let go and let God with direct ties back to scriptural teachings. - Scott Macdonald, President, Lemstone Christian Stores

Shundrawn's insights from the Word of God took passages I have studied consistently over 25 years and changed my view from a black-and-white snapshot into a high-definition color motion picture. Simply put, God used Shundrawn to show me things that I had never seen before. I am already re-reading and reciting passages from this book because frankly it makes my old views of faith look... well... RIDICULOUS! - Raymond Odom JD, Six-Principle Baptist (SPB) Minister

Fasten your seatbelts as Shundrawn takes you on the remarkable and fascinating journey to Ridiculous Faith. Using examples of people profiled in the Bible, he teaches readers to comprehend God's concept of faith on a practical level. - Cliff Goins IV, Christian publisher and retailer



Individuals differing little from you or me overcame doubt, fear and even opposition because they relied on God!
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You are about to experience so many answered prayers that your friends will insist that YOU have ridiculous faith!
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Hear words of encouragement as Shundrawn Thomas expounds on the topic of faith!
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